Questions you need to ask!
• Is your business a top priority to your current IT company?
• Is your current IT company competent and available for emergencies, 24/7/365?
• Is your network and your computer workstations as fast and stable as my customers?
• Do you have a prevention plan for a hardware crisis or power outage?
• Can your systems be up and running in hours instead of days?
• Is your data redundantly backed up off-site, in case of water damage, fire, etc.?

Consult with us about a Business Continuity Plan

Effective and immediate Computer Services
At Great Lakes Computer Services, our professionals understand how important it is for you to keep your workstations, whether laptops or desktops, in a fast, stable condition. We specialize in work environments of one to fifteen workstations, with networked printers! Whether you need an emergency computer repair or a system restoration, we can do it all for you, with minimum down-time.

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Emergency computer services are available 24/7/365.
If your business is down, it’s costing you money!
More than 20 years of experience!
At Great Lakes Computer Services, business appointments are a top priority and always supersede residential appointments!


  • Emergency Services
  • Crisis prevention
  • General Software Cleaning/Optimization
  • Hardware Repairs
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Remote Access
  • Data Backup, Retrieval, and Transfer
  • Workstation and Printer Networking
  • New Computer/Printer Installation and Networking
  • Software Installation
  • UPS (No, not the shipping company)
  • On or Off-Site Computer Training
  • Monthly and Quarterly Maintenance Programs

At Great Lakes Computer Services, our goal is not only 100% satisfaction, but maximum efficiency of your workstations and software for greater profitability

We look forward to serving you!