On-Site Computer Training Available

When it comes to acquiring computer training from an experienced professional, look no further than Great Lakes Computer Services. From general operating system concepts to detailed knowledge of Microsoft Office, we can explain them all.  Make yourself, your employees and team members more efficient and profitable.  For a minimal amount, it will be a great Return On Investment!  Discounts are available!

Call us today to schedule your two-hour morning and/or afternoon session.  We train no more than 12 students per class for more personalized attention and better results.  All necessary equipment and curriculum (except proprietary software) will be provided for you.  Off-site premises are available, for on-site premises, internet connectivity is required.
Just call us at (248) 245-9411.


  • Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Chrome, and Firefox browsers
  • Microsoft Office
  • Proprietary Software

Equipment and Facilities

  • Equipment and curriculum are provided
  • On-site with Off-site facilities available
  • Private/Group and In-Home classes available
  • Charity and Package discounts available
Computer Training